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Vicki Buck

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**Vicki Buck

    • "The Non-Traditional"

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Contact me at: vmbuck@hotmail.com







June 30th:

Who I am TODAY. Who I am changes day to day. This is just one picture...one day.

Links inside the Song: Windy City, I can do this

Nietzsche My translation

Links to Others Pages


July 2nd:

Creative Commons Blog VB

Classic Keyword Search


Lessig click this link to hear more about intellectual property, the creative commons, and the future of ideas (critical thinking going on here!)

Mix Master Blog


July 4:

Sustainability to Me


July 7:

My Mix Master Blog

All the WHO song Tags and Why


UNIT ASSIGNMENT: Definition Paper Sustainable Building, Final Draft, Bibliography, Cover Page


July 14:

Advertisement for Pepsi

Green Advertisement: Battle between Luda and Tommy Lee

Earth Deomocracy VB


July 23:

Reflection Assignment

The Tipping Point, Blink


July 28:

Cross Promotional Article


July 30:

Sara Butler



final project : CSC

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