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This Is Me

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Hey Everyone,

Im Rachel. Im a freshman at USF in St. Pete. And very much loving the college life!! My major right now is Government and International Affairs, but we'll see where life takes me....


I believe that success is in the reach of everyone, a person must have the desire to reach for it, to accomplish it.

(Just throwing my own little quote out there)


Superstars in Switzerland


This is my friend Lauren and me in Luzern, Switzerland, 3 weeks ago!!!!


Sorry i cant figure out how to make it smaller....





Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5



Unit 1 Assignment


Unit 2 Assignment






ShareRiff responds to email from Rachel


MeGaMix Group Project rhetorical knowledge, critical thinking, reading, and writing, process, knowledge of conventions


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