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Sara Jane

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Name: Sara Crawford

Age: 20

E-mail: Littlemouse444@aol.com

Number: 727-403-6031



I am a Sophomore at USF St. Petersburg. I graduated from St. Pete. High School. I was born and raised here in St. Petersburg, FL. I have lived in the same house my entire life with my mom, dad, sister and a dog. My sister is 22 and also attends USF St. Petersburg. She is majoring in elementary education. Competitive soccer has been apart of my life since I was eight. Now that I am in college I have, lets say retired. I love any type of music and I love hanging at the beach.

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My Remix of the song about me

"....one must still have chaos in one to give birth to a dancing star..." - Friedrich Nietzsche


What I interpret from this quote is that his parents were difficult, they had problems of some sort but yet he came out perfect. He went to college and got a well paid job. He grew up totally opposite from his parents. I think that one has to have chaos in order to understand how to become a better person.


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License


I chose this license because it allows people to copy and distribute my work but one also has to give me credit.

*Dancing Stars*

July 2nd

Defining Sustainability

Unit 1: Sustainable Fisheries


July 14




July 16

[Ch. 1 McCloud]

What is OCD ?

What is Fused Glass ?


Chatting with Emily:

littlemouse444: what up kid?

ErexofBabylon: well

littlemouse444: dang that kid on pig life support

ErexofBabylon: jesus

littlemouse444: that made my day

ErexofBabylon: ie money?

littlemouse444: What

littlemouse444: I am sooooooooooooooo hungry

ErexofBabylon: stop laughing

littlemouse444: and I need I need tie dye shirts

littlemouse444: i can't breath

littlemouse444: you need help

littlemouse444: dl;giosd

littlemouse444: talk to me

littlemouse444: i will see you on the flip side

ErexofBabylon: um

littlemouse444: sucker

ErexofBabylon: fucket

littlemouse444: dude we need to get a spray bottle for tie dyeing today

ErexofBabylon: nd relaxng

littlemouse444: I will get some at CVS when class is over

littlemouse444: do you remember where my house is?

littlemouse444: HELLO???

littlemouse444: it is 435 19th Ave NE

ErexofBabylon: i know@!!@

littlemouse444: having fun'

ErexofBabylon: yes

ErexofBabylon: better than writing that stupid sustainabvle fif[

littlemouse444: your stupid

ErexofBabylon: chut up

littlemouse444: in your face that is what chris says

littlemouse444: sucker

littlemouse444: You need you need money

littlemouse444: Who you talking too?

littlemouse444: I am interested

littlemouse444: I am waiting

ErexofBabylon: my rabbi's nephew


ErexofBabylon: yea

littlemouse444: you so funny

littlemouse444: Have you seen Kung Fu Panda

littlemouse444: cause it is hilarious

ErexofBabylon: i have not

littlemouse444: well then you need to see it


July 28

Peer Reviews

Interesting information Beer and Marathons

How do Earthquakes occur?

Final Project: Back to the Future Comic Book

Northern Lights

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