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Please add to the following list of links:


Nature Emerson


treehugger green news, solutions, and product information designed to "mainstream" sustainability.


Order From Rhythmic Entrainment and the Origin of Levels Through Dissipation by John Collier and Mark Burch


Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth Chapter 4 by Buckminster Fuller




Data Deluge Makes Scientific Method Obsolete does it though?


active information F. David Peat


Kyoto Protocol


A123 Systems sustainability in advertising. ad analysis


example of a mission statement articulating green values


Analogy to Environmentalism law professor James Boyle uses an analogy to consider the rhetorical and strategic efforts of the environmental movement and how these rhetorics could be deployed in information ecologies


the great turning community initiatives


Read: The Organic Myth by Diane Brady.


and listen: Organic Myth podcast


is google making us stupid? Atlantic article ponders Nietzsche's relationship to his typewriter, and favors the cathedral model over a bazaar model of collective intelligence.


order out of chaos definition of folksonomy from 2005.


 Transhumanism by Julian Huxley


The Art of Rhetoric A useful site with a brief description of ethos, logos, and pathos


Another good rhetoric site


Sustainability Movement- Good read




USF Sustainability Newsletter

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