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Kathleen's Page


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My name is Kathleen and I'm originally from St. Augustine, FL. I am majoring in Elementary Education. I now call Pinellas County home, as I moved here to be with the love of my life, Aaron. We go to and are active in our faith at Calvary Chapel St. Pete. I love being at the beach, riding horses, playing piano, and playing with our puppy, Fender!


Interesting Links I want to explore

Notes to Self


June 30 Assignments:

Intro Assignment (song)


Nietzsche Quote




July 2:



Tagging Nietzsche


Sustainability Keyword Search


Steamboat Mickey Example





July 7:

Who MixMaster


July 11:

Unit Assignment


July 14:

My Earth Democracy Blog

Earth Democracy MixMaster

Earth Democracy Groups


July 16:


Chatting on the Wiki

Understanding Comics


July 18:

Causal Arguments



July 23:

Reflection Assignment


July 28:

Final Unit 2 Paper


July 29:

Newspaper Article


August 1:

MegaMix Final Project


August 4:

Portfolio Checklist


Interesting Bud Commercials

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