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1. Find the area in the code where: style="border-width:0" is written.

2. Delete the 0 so that it becomes this: style="border-width:"

3. Save and problem solved.

Rachel! Your spam filter wouldn't accept my email address, so I'll post my response to your questions here:


Hello Rachel,


Could you rephrase your questions about renaming? If you're asking about renaming pages, the answer is "yes," and in fact, yes, the next time you log in, enter any different information you'd like to use, no problem there, either. The wiki is dynamic medium, for sure--it keeps changing, and you can change it, and change with it.


You also inquired about Friday and Monday prompts. Please understand that our wiki is a rehearsal space, where can learn together. Our weekly informal writings are not judged performances, they are opportunities to practice. These prompts are not to be magically deciphered or understood perfectly by you or any one student. These prompts direct the attention of the entire class towards common texts, and gives each of us in the class an opportunity to respond in writing to these common texts and each other. This collective attention will generate mucho writing, and mucho feedback, and this feedback is in fact what will generate understanding and other benefits besides. So, really there's nothing to worry about--if you don't know to respond to the text at first, wait and respond to a peer's writing. Ask questions, but venture your own answers, as well.

ll be there writing with you, too!


Rachel, please post our dialog to the wiki, so others with similar doubts can help you and each other.




"Proper evaluation of words and letters

In their phonetic and associated sense

Can bring the peoples of earth

Into the clear light of pure Cosmic Wisdom" -Sun Ra

Trey Conner, PhD

Assistant Professor

Languages, Literature, and Writing

College of Arts and Sciences, DAV 121

University of South Florida St. Petersburg

140 Seventh Avenue South

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

727 873-4783


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