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Dylan Adams

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Hey, what's up guys? I'm Dylan, I just moved down to Florida a year ago. I lived in Michigan for seven years and went to Central Michigan for 2 of those years. Before that I lived in Cleveland, Ohio (Go Cavs!) I'm pretty big into sports, don't really play any but pretty big into basketball and the NBA. I'll be 21 on July 10th so if anyone wants to hit the bar then, drop me a line. I have a pretty good job right now and since I already have two years under my belt I'm kinda taking the school thing a little slower. So that's my page...


Group Page  -  Dylan, I changed up our paper quite extensively..  I added a bunch of stuff to our paper on Thursday and adventually came to a dead end on our prior paper.  I talked with the professor on Friday and took it on a different avenue..  Lets focus on the technical challenges between older supervisors and younger employees..  I think I kicked it off real well but I'm mentally spent on ideas to keep "growing" it.  See if you can inject some more stuff into it.  My computers getting moved this weekend so give me a call (305) 742-4413 when you do so I can take the ball from there.



Sustainable Students in Higher Education


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