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Create a link by clicking on "edit page" button on the toolbar at the top of the page. In the edit page, use CamelCase or place brackets around a moniker of your choosing to create a "wikidelic self" name and space for writing, then go go go...



Chat in wiki! This function could further streamline cluster composing

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first, interpret and make sense of the Nietzsche quote, sampled from Thus Spake Zarathustra and woven into the image above.


ShareRiff Professor Trey Conner

Trey facebook

Sara Jane- littlemouse444

Kathleen momentofbliss4

Ryan Murphy~ - ryry8390~AIM or Ryan Murphy~Facebook

Jessica S. - babybori001 on AIM or jsusana718 on Gmail

Carolina:-) - Classyme123 on AIM or caromercedes on Gmail

TyleR - tylerjacksnell@yahoo.com

Juan - jpineda2987 on Gmail

Vicki Buck vmbuck@hotmail.com, vegasmarie/AIM, 8134548878 (txt)

Ani Challa- FLkid887 - AIM

Chris Hastings - chrisaroo72 via AIM

Rachel Hodkoski - flygurlb17 on AIM ; also RHodkoski at Gmail

Tashonda Sconiers-P00H89 on AIM

Dylan Adams- Profchaos6 on AIM

Christian's Chaos-celist@mail.usf.edu-AIM: tundra2paradise

James C Scott: JScott@mail.usf.edu; 386-481-7179 (text)

Jean-Marie Bellande

Emilyyy- Emily Turnage on Facebook. ErexofBabylon on AIM

Ian - igevans341 on AIM


Writing Collectives


Ian, Ani & Dylan's Group

USF St. Pete Coalition for a Sustainable Campus

Philosophers of Chaos(Chris Hastings, Sara Jane, and Emily)

Grading Unit Two



Final Presentations

Quiet seahorses that smile for french toast on a pimped fender in a backpack. {Mega Africa Group: 

Kathleen, Ryan, TaShonda, Carolina, Juan, Jessica, Rachael}


Back to the Future Comic Book (Sara Jane, Chris Hastings, and Emily)

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