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Hello all! My name is Christian List and I am a junior at USF St. Pete. I transfered from Eckerd College, down the road, in search for a scholarship from the Coast Guard. I am hoping to make the CG a career goal, but for now I am studying criminology. I live downtown on 4th Ave N. I love it because I am close to everything and I don't really need a car. I work at Vintage Ultralounge as a barback, but will soon be moving up to bartender. I have the best job in the world from 10-2pm. South Park is genius!


AIM: tundra2paradise

I am on Facebook

Phone text works great too. 207-604-0266





June 30


Three Links

Who Remixed

Quote Interpretation


July 2


Queen came before Vanilla Ice

Sustainability: Gang of Music

Licence Discription


July 4


Sustainability Wiki


July 7


Who Tags


Who Remixed into a story


July 9


Rough Draft


July 11


Sustainable Architecture


Sustainable Architecture Final Draft


July 14


Earth Democracy Intro

Earth Democracy-Living Cultures


Is Red Bull related to the increase in alcohol related deaths


July 16


July 28

S2 Peer Editing


August 1

Common Interests


August 8

Facebook CSC





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Anonymous said

at 6:15 pm on Aug 12, 2008

christian! please link your midterm reflection...also, I can't find your portfolio--you can either annotate links or do a separate page like Kathleen and others have done

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