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Carolina Mercedes

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Hi everyone :-)

My name is Carolina Mercedes and I am in the Freshman Summer Institute at USF St. Petersburg. USF has always been one of my dream schools so I have to say I am a step closer to reaching one of my main goals. I graduated from Northeast High almost a month ago and my major for now is finance which I am sure will change. I am very excited and I look forward to the college life. This is a new stage in my life and I plan to gain as much as I can from it.



This me and my mom in Romania and behind us is the Peles Castle which is a historic castle that today is a museum


June 30th:

This Is Who I Am (Song Remix)

What I Think-Nietzsche Quote



July 2nd:

Why I picked this license

Keyword: Mathematical Sustainability

Steamboat Mickey


July 4th:

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July 7th:

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July 9th:

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July 11th:

Cover Page

Unit One: Sustainable Agriculture



July 28th:

Unit 2: Group Project






Africa Websites




MeGaMix Group Project rhetorical knowledge, critical thinking, reading, and writing, process, knowledge of conventions


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