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Back to the Future Comic Book

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It is 1990, and Marty is finally graduating from high school. Instead of his diploma from Principal Strickland, he finds a note from the famous Doc Brown. The note reads that Doc Brown is currently deceased, and he has left his last invention for Marty to use for the salvation of humankind.

Marty goes to Doc's house, which is in ruin and very scary, with a scary cat. Marty retrieves the device, which is hidden in a bag,  and runs back to his house. Inside the bag, he discovers that the invention is shaped like a Nintendo controller. Based on his vast experience in the video game world, he realizes immediately that he should press the start button.  And now he is in the FUTURE.

After leaving the ruin that was his house, he finds a very disconcerting state of the union. Broken down cars and garbage litter the neighborhood. To find out what has happened, and what year it is, Marty finds his way to the Hilldale Library. A mysterious traveler leaves some interesting newspapers for Marty to read. In reading these papers, he sees that the world's petroleum supply has run out, and the world has not found any alternative energy sources. The planet has become too polluted to support many species of animals, and a famine had occurred, greatly reducing the planet's population. Oh, and by the way, the year is 2108.






A policeman finds Marty reading a newspaper. Newspapers are now illegal to read, and Marty is sent to the Human Absorption Factory, filled with Human Absorption Machinesa, aka H.A.M. The only people that use this electricity are the extremely wealthy families that never had and never will have any moral values.  The electricity is generated by absorbing impoverished humans energy, many of whom are sent to be absorbed against their will. In the machine he meets someone named Trey.






Marty and his new acquaintance start discussing the issues of the world that led to this post apocalyptic future.

Trey: Well this is what the establishment has come to.  I once was a prominent scientist.  Now look at me, I'm in HAM HELL!

Marty: What could have gone so wrong?

Trey: What have you been living under a superimposed transitioning device?

Marty: Uh What? Anyway,  Why hasn't the government come up with new ways of making energy?

Trey: This is it. After all other non-renewable resources run out, we are all that is left. We are the last source for the comfort of the priveleged. The government has brainwashed the middle class people so that they will not rise up and and enforce sustainability. The government doesn't want sustainability to be enforced because they will lose power.

Marty: What do you mean by sustainability, exactly?

Trey: I used to research permaculture. It has to do with growing crops with certain plants in a way that crops take nutrients from the soil while a variety of plants introduce the same nutrients into the soil. In the past, monoculture was more and more prominent as the main farming tactic. You can also turn to sustainable fashion where bamboo, hemp and other organic material can be used as fabrics for clothing. We could also start putting communities closer together while reducing the need for transportation by carpooling using the bus, or riding a bike. You can also build windfarms to generate electricity for people's homes. A group of scientists and I were close to a breakthrough with Free Energy. If we only had organizations backing us, and if we had more time, we could have changed the world.

Marty: But what about growing food? Eventually non-renewable resources wont be able for use of fertilizers.

Trey: For thousands of years, people grew food all on their own. We can do it again with modern science.

Marty: Those are some good ideas. But how can I implement them if I'm stuck here?

Trey: Well, unfortunately it's a little too late.

Marty: Theoretically speaking, if I were for some reason in the past, what could I do to prevent...this...from happenning.

Trey: Hmm..well..if you could just spread the word. Like I said, the corporations didn't want the people to rise up, and demand changes. So that's exactly what needs to be done.

Marty: Sounds heavy, but what can one person do?

Trey: You'd be surprised at how much one person can do. The largest fire starts with the smallest spark. Rally everyone to you, become an activist. Bring about the revolution.

Marty: Jeez, you make it sound like a piece of cake.

Trey: It is.

Marty: Well, first we need to get out of here, then I'll worry about what to do.

Trey: I don't know where you came from, but I'll help you. First we have to get out of H.A.M. But we need someone else to turn it off.




The mysterious cloaked figure turns off H.A.M, releasing Trey and Marty. Once free Marty asks Trey where the confiscated items are kept. Marty obviously needs his Nintendo controller to travel back to his time.



Trey and Marty find the item storage, but the policeman is on their tail. In an act of selflessness Trey distracts the policeman to give Marty enough time to find his Nintendo controller. As Marty anxiously presses all the buttons, he is brought back to his time, at the exact moment that he left.




When he is home, he is approached by the mysterious person again.

Marty: Who are you?

Figure: Great Scott, so you haven't figured it out yet?

Marty: Doc!!!


The end.


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