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Ani Challa

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Anirudh Challa is my name, it means "one who loves freedom" (you can call me Ani for short). Momma says that i live up to my name too much :D. I am currently in medical school in India, through Manilpal University. I graduated high school in 2006 from Palm Harbor University High School Center for Wellness and Medical Professions.

Music is something that has taken my life for the great ride that it is nad have been a dedicated drummer for the past decade. Before leaving for medical school it was my life and also my first job playing around the beautiful Tampa Bay area!

This summer has been amazing so far as it is a huge eye opener in my life after not being in the states for a full year. Through the classes I am taking this summer here in St.Pete i hope to add on to the lessons being learned outside of school, and hopefully carry my improved or new skills back to India, as i pursue my dream of entering the next phase in my life, hopefully as Dr.Challa :D.

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